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Life Goes On (2015)

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Stevie Holland returns to the recording studio with Life Goes On, a collection of original songs, standards, and Stevie’s trademark picks of lesser-known gems from the pop world and American Songbook.

Grammy-winning producer Todd Barkan joins Holland once again for this swinging and emotional journey, and arrangements are by award winning composer Gary William Friedman.

Stevie is backed by a stellar jazz trio with pianist Randy Ingram at the helm, with guests Nicholas Payton on trumpet, and string quartet, on a few select tracks.

Track List

  1. Skylark

  2. Out of This World

  3. Tea For Two

  4. Never

  5. Another Grey Morning

  6. April Snow

  7. Tomorrow’s Looking Brighter Today

  8. 99 Miles From L.A.

  9. Not While I’m Around

  10. Life Goes On


Todd Barkan, producer
Gary William Friedman, arrangements
Randy Ingram, piano
Peter Brendler, bass
Jeff Davis, drums
Nicholas Payton, trumpet

String Quartet:
Lily Chiu, violin
Blake Allen, viola I
Marcus Rose, viola II
Jacob Yates, cello

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